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Does your web site convert?

Increase your revenues, cut marketing costs, and create a better customer experience with Wright Consulting Firm's E-Business and Enterprise web site statistics.

With Wright Consulting Firm's web site statistics, you can define and track web site visitor actions that have value to your business. If you're running an e-commerce site, that action might be a sale. Perhaps you want to track subscriptions to your email newsletter. Or sales leads submitted through a web form. Or all of the above.

By defining and tracking your most desired actions, you can learn how to optimize those actions. For example, you can measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign by identifying and tracking those web site visitors that actually make a purchase. Or you can increase your newsletter subscriptions by troubleshooting the path your visitors take to the subscription page.

Are you getting the best value from your PPC advertising budget?

Wright Consulting Firm's Live Cost Analysis provides you real-time insight into the effectiveness of your paid search (PPC) campaigns. The service pulls together dynamic price information from the leading PPC search engines (Google, Overture, FindWhat, Espotting, etc) with the revenue earned on your website, to measure the profitability of each keyword.

Available as an add-on to Wright Consulting Firm's popular E-Business edition, Live Cost Analysis offers you clear, concise and actionable reports on which campaigns, keywords and search phrases are bringing you the most new customers, and which keywords are the most effective at driving qualified customers.



  • Simplified data collection process requires no log files, hardware or software.
  • Receive reports online anytime you would like to evaluate your site's traffic 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.
  • Begin basic web traffic analysis and tracking the same day service is initiated.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing requires no long-term financial obligation.



 Available Add-Ons

  • Live Cost Analysis - determine the profitability of your PPC campaigns and keywords in real time.
  • Path Explorer - analyze the popularity of each link on your web site superimposed upon the pages themselves.



Unique features

  • Analyze PPC search engine campaign ROI - Get real-time reports on e-commerce performance, such as orders, subscriptions, signup's or other custom actions. Real time cost analysis feature importing click cost from all major PPC engines (such as Overture, Google Adwords, Findwhat etc.) in real-time. Reports Clicks, ROAS (return on ad spend) as well as CPA (cost per action) on a keyword level allowing you to determine your ROI
  • Optimize conversion funnels and abandonment rates - The Scenario Analysis feature illustrates at which step visitors abandoned a given process and indicates areas of weakness in a sites content, offer or navigation. Using this feature, you can pinpoint specific funnels that drive conversions or have high abandonment rates and optimize your site in response to this insight.
  • Analyze any other online campaign - The Campaign Management module tracks other types of online ad campaigns such as banner campaigns, E-mail newsletter campaigns, referral & affiliate programs etc...
  • Analyze the source of customer acquisition - Get real-time reports on e-commerce performance, such as orders, subscriptions, signup's or other customer actions.
  • Analyze conversion rates - See the conversion rate associated with particular keywords, search engines, e-mail campaigns and other referral sources.
  • Analyze marketing campaigns - Track the activity, bounce rate, conversion rate and revenue generated by your marketing campaigns.
  • CPC/PPC search engine tracking - Track CPC search engines (e.g. Overture, Google Adwords, FindWhat etc.) and analyze bounce rates, conversion rates and revenue generated by specific CPC search engine campaigns or search phrases.
  • Scheduled E-mail Reporting - Receive daily, weekly or monthly emails containing your favorite web traffic reports in HTML or Excel formats.

Other Features

  • 100s of reports - Track visitors, new vs. returning visitors, pages viewed, referrers, search engines and more. Analyze a rich wealth of web page data while pages are being viewed.
  • Visit path reports - Analyze how your visitors navigate through your site in real time!
  • Bounce rate analysis - Analyze how many visitors leave your site right after they enter it. the effectiveness of your entry pages and your marketing campaigns
  • User management - Grant access to your colleagues
  • Exclude your own visits - Exclude and IP address and IP range or specific browsers from your reports
  • Excel and CSV Export - Export reports into Excel or CSV format for further analysis
  • Flash tracking - Track Macromedia Flash sites or movies
  • Downloads (EXE, PDF, ZIP files etc.) and Exit Links tracking
  • Content grouping - Group your pages into content groups and find out the popularity of different parts of your web site
  • Drill down (magnifying views) - Analyze how referrers, search engines, content groups, URL's& campaigns trend over time. Get detailed statistics on selected items in your reports.
  • Multiple web site management - Manage multiple web sites within your account.


The Marketer's Common Sense Guide to E-Metrics
Turn the powerful information in your web site statistics into hard facts you can use to improve your conversion rate? Get the free guide from conversion rate specialists Future Now, Inc. and get 22 benchmarks to understand the major trends, key opportunities and hidden hazards your statistics uncover. This is a complete 78-page workbook and a $108 value.

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Wright Consulting Firm Statistics vs. Log File Analysis

Wright Consulting Firm's audience-analysis technology and traditional log-file analysis tools may produce greatly different traffic statistics for the same site. This is not surprising - by collecting traffic data directly from the browsers of actual users rather than from the log files generated by Web servers, Wright Consulting FIrm's statistics are generally more accurate than log-file analysis, and this difference in accuracy can result in significant differences in statistics.

The difference in page-view counts may be considerable: log-file analysis tools often report 400% more page views than browser based analysis tools such as Wright Consulting Firm's statitics.

As discussed in our study, the examination demonstrates that Wright Consulting Firm's count is in fact accurate, and shows how various inaccuracies inherent in log-file analysis result in a large overcount.


Wright Consulting Firm Statistics Setup Consultation

Setup Consultation Fee - $150 Per Hour
Our technical support team will guide you through the installation process and familiarize you with all features of the Wright Consulting Firm tracking system. We recommend this service if you have a custom-built shopping cart, or a content management system serving dynamic pages; or if you are unable to supply us FTP access and/or shopping cart logins.

Services include:

  • Installation of tracking code on up to 100 web pages;
  • ROI tracking set up (with purchase of Live Cost Analysis add-on);
  • Conversion action tracking set up;
  • Revenue tracking set up;
  • Scenario analysis set up;
  • Product orientation and interface training;
  • Unlimited telephone support.

Please contact your Wright Consulting Firm to order.



Getting Started is Easy - No credit card information required.
Simply follow the steps below.
Create a FREE trial account.
Cut & paste the tracking code into your web pages.
Upload the modified pages to your web server.
Start tracking your web site in real time.


If you prefer to subscribe right away, please review our web site statistics pricing.

Need comprehensive web site statistics for your
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